Principles of Corporate Governance

Megapolitan Developments is committed to implement good corporate governance principals in all aspects of its business. These principals are applied across all layers within the organization and company policies with routined supervision.

Listed below are the five fundamental good corporate governance principals implemented by the company:

  • Transparency

Transparent in decision making processes, delivery of reports, and distribution of  information.

  • Accountability

Execution of procedures and functions in all aspects of the organization to increase the managerial system effectiveness

  • Responsibility

Ensuring all company activities are aligned with appicable law and healthy corporate principals

  • Independency

Avoiding conflicts of interests, influence, and pressure from any party that doesn’t act in accordance with applicable law and regulation.

  • Equality

Implementing justice and equality to fulfill the rights of shareholders, stakeholders, staffs, and company management in accordance to applicable law and regulation.

The implementation of good corporate governance is also aided by the supervision of internal audit party that serves to audit, evaluate, identify potential risk, and analyze overall corporate activity.