Code of Ethics

Every employee is responsible for upholding the company’s code of ethics in taking actions, because the action of every individual within the company reflects the company’s business ethics in general. Elements of the company’s code of ethics are:

  1. Compliance to the Company’s Rules and Regulations

The company is committed to comply with applicable law in all aspects of business. Employees are responsible for complying with the law to enforce compliance culture within the company.

  1. Affiliation with Stakeholders

a. Ethics toward Customers

The company is committed to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing products and services that fulfill consumer’s needs in accordance to applicable law. Employees are required to always be truthful and transparent when serving customers.

b. Ethics toward Partners

The company is committed to having a good relationship with its partners, based on appropriate business practices. Partnerships are expected to bring benefits without disregarding any applicable regulations. Employees are required to always remain professional, placing the company’s best interest above personal or third party interest.

c. Ethics toward Competitors

The company is committed to sustaining growth in business operations by acting professionally and engaging in healthy competition. Employees uphold healthy competition principals in running all business activities by positioning competitors as performance catalysts for the company.

d. Ethics toward Regulators

The company is committed to fulfill its duties and provisions stipulated by regulators of the property sector and other authorities, including the commitment to build good communication in accordance with ethics standard and applicable law.

e. Ethics toward Shareholders

The company is committed to undertake positive and optimal contribution to its shareholders.

  1. Affiliation with Society and Environment

The company is committed to upholding local wisdom, providing actual benefits, preserving environmental sustainability within its operational areas, and maintaining good relationships with local communities, which are the keys of success for the company. Employees are committed to being good citizens anywhere they’re located so the company can continue to grow and contribute to the society.

  1. Affiliation with Employees

a. Ethics toward Employees

The company is committed to giving the same opportunity to all employees for active participation in the accomplishment of the company’s vision and mission without discrimination.

b. Ethical Behavior between Employees

The company is committed to creating a conducive work environment in order to improve productivity. Employees are demanded to take care, respect, and appreciate each other.

  1. Confidentiality of Corporate Information

a. Consumer Information Protection

The company highly values the confidentiality of its consumers’ information from external parties.

b. Usage of the Company’s Internal Information

Employees must maintain confidentiality of the company’s internal information. Any internal corporate information must only be given to concerned parties according to applicable regulations.

  1. Integrity and Accuracy in Reporting

The company is committed to producing exact, accurate, and accountable reports for the management, shareholders, consumers, and other concerning parties. Employees are responsible for the official reporting of the company’s activities accurately, truthfully, completely, and on time.

  1. Conflict of Interest

To prevent practices of corruption, collusion, and nepotism in the work environment, employees are prohibited from putting themselves in positions or situations that could result in conflicts of interests between them and the company, consumers, or any third party that are potentially detrimental to the company. In making decisions, employees must not be affected by personal or other groups’ interest that could cloud their judgment to always get what is best for the company.