A recent masterpiece that is a special offering from PT Megapolitan Developments Tbk for the Cinere community, the largest and only Central Business District in Cinere, CENTRO CINERE.

Built on an area of ​​13.8 hectares, Centro Cinere is a mixed used superblock development project that carries the concepts of modern lifestyle, business, dining & entertainment.

In this CBD there are:

  •  Cinere Bellevue Suites & Mall
  •  Cinere One Residence

  • Cinere One Commercial Park

  • Cinere Terrace

A prestigious location and lots of green leafy trees, makes Cinere the heart of the southern city of Jakarta. Its accessibility is also considered to be very adequate, supported by two major toll roads that are currently being built, namely the Cijago (Cinere-Jagorawi) toll road and the Desari toll road (Depok-Antasari. Both of these toll roads will facilitate access to various destination areas, such as to Sudirman, Soekarno-Hatta Airport, and even out of the city like Bandung, so that Cinere's location is very strategic.It has been proven that this location is in the FREE FLOOD area.