Books and Library Renovation Aid at Cinere Elementary School 2

25 JUL 2019

PT Megapolitan Together with Warta Kota Provides Books and Library Renovation Assistance to Cinere SDN 2

PT Megapolitan Developments together with Warta Kota (Kompas-Gramedia Group) provide book assistance to students of the Cinere 2 Public Elementary School, Jalan Inpres Number 7, Cinere District, Depok City, Thursday (7/25/2019).

In addition to providing book assistance, on that occasion PT Megapolitan Developments also symbolically donated the improvement of the library of Cinere 2 Elementary School.

Ouw Desiyanti, Corporate Secretary of PT Megapolitan Developments, said that the book assistance and library repairs are part of the Megapolitan Care Education Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

The program was presented as a form of concern for the residential developers in Cinere to the community.

"This time we are giving assistance to Cinere 2 Public Elementary School. Our activities today are also working together, in partnership with Kompas Gramedia City News," Ouw Desiyanti said at Cinere 2 Public Elementary School on Thursday afternoon.

Ouw Desiyanti explained, his party chose to provide assistance to SDN Cinere 2 as a form of caring for the surrounding community, because PT Megapolitan Developments has business activities in Cinere, Depok.

"So of course we provide assistance to neighbors first, to one neighborhood. So we do a survey, we meet with Mr. Andi (Head of SDN Cinere 2 Andi Sodikman - Red). Mr. Andi with open arms accepts our help," he said.

He said that the donation this time was not in the form of cash, but in the form of physical repairs to the library space which would be undertaken directly by PT Megapolitan Developments.

The library rejuvenation is scheduled to be completed within one week.

"So, what we lack in the library is what we facilitate," explained Ouw Desiyanti.

The Megapolitan Care Education CSR program, added Ouw Desiyanti, is routinely carried out throughout the year by targeting schools that need help.

"Generally we provide assistance to schools. We survey, usually we see what the school's needs are. PT Megapolitan has development in Cinere, in Karawaci. Yes, so far we have carried out CSR activities in our development area," he explained .Meanwhile, the Head of Cinere 2 Public Elementary School, Andi Sodikman, welcomed the aid offer from PT Megapolitan Developments in collaboration with City News.

"Wah was very happy. Including the children, they were also happy, the teachers were also happy. Even earlier the children also performed various performances from extracurricular activities at Cinere 2 Elementary School to welcome friends from Megapolitan," said Andi Sodikman.

Andi explained, the library did need help because the conditions were already inadequate.

"The library had already existed before, it just had to be repaired because the conditions were already inadequate. It wanted to be corrected because something was leaking. Including later maybe the bookshelves would also be fixed," he said.

Andi hopes that the help of books and library repairs can support the 489 students in pursuing their goals.

"Hopefully the library has been arranged as well as possible the children will be more diligent again, happy again, feel at home in the library room," he said.

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