Kontes Modifikasi Mobil di VIVO Mall Sentul Bogor

09 OCT 2022

Successfully holding a modified car contest in November 2021, VIVO Mall Sentul Bogor again held a similar event by cooperating with Buldash Auto Modify (BAM).

The prestigious event which was attended by more than 100 participants managed to steal the attention of visitors. Sunday (9/10/2022).
The modification contest, entitled Magic Car Contest, was held in conjunction with the anniversary of ALERT! The 4th All New Rush Terios Indonesia as well as a gathering event for automotive lovers throughout Greater Jakarta and outside the region such as Bandung were also present.
And this event, according to Om Noto, as the person in charge of the event said that the purpose of this modified car contest is as a form of appreciation to modifiers and automotive owners who have spent their material and time to display their best work in the automotive world.
"This contest can be said to be a stage for Modifiers, Installers, Tuning where they can apply their ideas, or concepts in modifying the car entrusted to them, it's a shame if their work is not exhibited, and seen by the general public and in particular by the public. other automotive lovers," he said.
Meanwhile, in this modified car contest, BAM added that there are 104 categories of competition that are up for grabs and of course judged by professional judges, which in this event is the one appointed by BAM, APACT.
"The assessment is quite strict, because the judges involved in this event are very professional and objective," he said.
Meanwhile, according to Marketing Communication and TR Manager of Vivo Mall Sentul, Adhi Wiharsa, admitted that his party strongly supports any positive community activities, including the Automotive community.
"We (VIVO Mall-ed) are very happy to work with communities, regardless of the community as long as the activities are positive, and we are very welcome with the activities held," said Adhi.
Adhi hopes that by holding various activities from various communities, it can increase the number of visitors at Vivo Mall Sentul Bogor.